Sunday, 23 September 2012

Top 5 // Footwear

What else to do on a miserable Sunday than sort through my shoe collection... Now I am a bit shoe obsessed and at last count I had around 80 pairs. So I thought I would choose my Top 5. They aren't necessarily my favourites but they are the ones that I get the most wear out of. Apologies that they aren't all gleaming new outta the box, but at least you can tell they are well loved! ;)

1 - I got these boots from Topshop around 2 years ago, they were £130.00 and I almost had a mini heart attack buying them! Luckily, I have more than got my moneys worth as I wear them all the time. They are ridiculously comfortable so I always find myself putting them on for a night out.

2 - These are also from Topshop, I think they were around £80.00. I LOVE these, any shoe/boot in a nude colour is perfect because you can wear them with everything. I am more of an ankle boot/chunky heel kinda girl when it comes to nights out as opposed to strappy sandals and these make it easy to wear with any outfit.

3 - I got these for Christmas last year, they are from Office and I think they were around £80.00. I love how they look now that they have been beaten up a bit and the small block heel means they are easy to wear all day without hurting.

4 - These beauties have just been taken out of the box. They are also from Office and they were £65.00. I saw them in store, walked away and could notget them out of my head... So I went back the next day and got them! I have the perfect outfit to wear them with and will be sure to take pictures to post on here as soon as I do!

5 - Now these poor battered old things. Probably my best buy of the year, I had been searching for trainers like these for a while but didn't want to pay too much as I wasn't sure how much I would wear them. So, I had a little look on Ebay and there they were, waiting for me. I ended up getting them for £7.00! Absolute bargain. They had barely been worn when they got sent to me and now as you can see they have been worn to death. I think wearing them to Brighton Gay Pride might have been the cause of most of the damage!

Saturday, 22 September 2012


Ok, I'm not sure where this sudden obsession has sprung from but I am dying to get my hands on some black dungarees for Autumn/Winter... I have seen some amazing Topshop ones in this months Glamour magazine but as always, they are not instore or online yet. So I decided to make a little wishlist to keep me satisfied until then; Wish being the word to concentrate on here as after I put all these things together I added up how much it would all come to.... £1,721.00. For ONE outfit. WOW.
Still... A girl can dream! Or, a girl can just get down to Brighton town and find some alternatives!

Dungarees - Wildfox Couture, Pussybow Blouse - Burberry Prorsum, Panama Bowler - Christys, Double Band Ring - ASOS, Wedges - Lanvin.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Random Pictures

Just a few random pictures from the last couple of weeks!

1. Sunset in Bath. I went down to Bath for a break for a week, it was so nice getting out of the city and relaxing for a bit. Literally could not hear anything from where we were staying, so lots of nice evenings in the jacuzzi and plenty of uninterrupted sleeps!

2. Recent OOTD. Topshop skirt and Topshop khaki shirt, American Apparel cropped tee and my prized vintage Chanel belt. I love this skirt but I want to be careful and not style it too girly, I think adding an oversized khaki shirt and wearing it with flat ankle boots gives it a masculine edge.

3. Water Marble Nails. My first attempt at marbled nails! I'm quite impressed at how they came out. Admittedly they aren't the neatest but I think for my first attempt I did pretty good! If you want to see how to do them just type it into YouTube and there are plenty of tutorials.

4. My Wonderful Dog. Not really much to explain here! Sid is almost 7 years old, he's a Lhasa Apso and he is the absolute light of my life.

5. One of my 4 Tattoos I have this tattoo down the right side of my ribcage. Its one of my favourites... although I love them all.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Daily Make Up

1. Estee Lauder Double Wear in Wheat: Hands down the best foundation I have ever used. I have quite oily skin and I find this gives me a full coverage that lasts all day. I have tried many, many foundations and I think its safe to say I have found my soulmate now

2. Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer in Medium: I recently purchased this and am so far very happy with it. It has a three step process, 2 shades of concealer and a setting powder. I like having different shade options with concealers as my skin colour can vary week to week depending on if I have fake tan on.

3.Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer in 51: This must be my 3rd of 4th tube of this product. I love it. I like to use liquid concealer for under my eyes as it works better for me. I have quite dark circles due to lots of hours at work and this is really reflecting and radiant. It is also oil free which is perfect.

4.Bourjois Delice de Solait Bronzing Powder: As an ex Hoola addict it took me a while to find a bronzer that matched up to it without the hefty price tag. This Bourjois one does an excellent job! I'm not too keen on bronzers with shimmer in them and even though to look at you can see little gold specks in the pan, once it is on your skin it looks matte and gives a really nice glow. The chocolate scent is delightful too.

5.GOSH Brow Kit in 001: I am a little obsessed with eyebrows at the moment. I cannot leave the house without filling mine in! I purchased this about 2 months ago. It has 3 different shades from blonde to dark brown, I like this as I quite like to mix them so that my brows are not all one block colour. Its also has a setting gel in there too which just gives a nice finish once you are done.

6.L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes in Black: As a self confessed Mascara addict I am always on the lookout for a new mascara that will give me fat, long lashes. I used to buy a different one every month to try out but I have suddenly got stuck on this one. It gives me full, long lashes that do not clump, it doesn't smudge and my lashes do not drop throughout the day.

7.Topshop Magic Liner in Black: I only wear liquid eyeliner on days when I am not running around too much, I find that after too long without looking in the mirror I have black lines above my eyelids from my eyeliner. However, this is one of the better ones I have tried. The nib is really precise and the colour is really pigmented, you only need one sweep across your lid and you are good to go!

8.Bourjois Blush in Rose Coup 16: This is another staple in my make up bag. Its a really similar shade to Benefits Coralista but I have found that it seems to stay put on my skin for longer. Bourjois have such a wide range of blushers that I think just about anybody could find the perfect shade.

9.Soap & Glory A Great Kisser in Juicy Peach: This product is without a doubt the best smelling lip balm I have smelt in my life. I was a bit reluctant to spend £5.00 on a lip balm as my usual Vaseline/Carmex tins have always done the job well. However, after I smelt this in Boots I could not stop thinking about it so I knew I had to go back and get it. The texture is quite thick and its almost half way between a lip gloss and a balm, so it works perfect for daytime and nighttime.

Hotpant Dignity

I have found it a nightmare this summer to wear hotpants. Aside from my trusted Levis shorts, every pair I try on makes most of my bum hang out. Now this may be acceptable for teenagers but I'm not sure many people would appreciate me walking around town with my bum out! So I have been on a mission to find a way to wear them in a more socially acceptable way.... and after weeks and weeks... I think i may have finally cracked it! I bought a pair of lace french knickers from good old Primark in a size 12-14, I am a size 8 so I bought them bigger so they would sit further down on my hips. Wearing these underneath the offending bum cheek revealers means that it covers up my bum while still looking fashionable. I think the prettiness of the lace adds a nice touch to outfits too as I usually wear denim hotpants with my converse and an oversized T Shirt.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


I LOVE instagram. If anyone is interested my username is: hannahmadigan. So follow me! I mostly add pictures of my outfits and my dog, topped up by a few random pictures that entertain me on a day to day basis!

Topshop LIPS

Topshop lipsticks have picked up a pretty good rep since they launched in 2010. I have quite a few of them so thought I would show you three of my favourite ones. They are all in a satin matte finish, which suits me fine. Each to their own but I really can't stand pearly lipsticks. I much prefer a matte finish.

1. All About Me - This is probably my all time favourite. Its a bright fuschia pink and as with all Topshop lipsticks, it has a creamy texture. I really like wearing bright colours in the day, wearing bright lipstick with a simple outfit like a white t-shirt and jeans can really turn a boring outfit into something fun.

2. Inhibition - I love this lipstick for evenings. It is a deep purple colour and looks really vampy, amazing on nights out with a black outfit and gold jewellery. Having said that, this is also a shade I am looking forward to wearing in the daytime once winter comes.

3. Whimsical - Definitely my 'go to' lipstick for every day wear. Its a nude/coral colour and I think with my skin tone it really helps to finish my make up.

I am really impressed with all of my Topshop lipsticks. They are all really pigmented and last a long time. Wearing one for an 8 hour shift I probably re-apply them around three times. I have my eye on a few things from the new Louise Grey Range So I post about it once I have tried them out! x