Saturday, 22 September 2012


Ok, I'm not sure where this sudden obsession has sprung from but I am dying to get my hands on some black dungarees for Autumn/Winter... I have seen some amazing Topshop ones in this months Glamour magazine but as always, they are not instore or online yet. So I decided to make a little wishlist to keep me satisfied until then; Wish being the word to concentrate on here as after I put all these things together I added up how much it would all come to.... £1,721.00. For ONE outfit. WOW.
Still... A girl can dream! Or, a girl can just get down to Brighton town and find some alternatives!

Dungarees - Wildfox Couture, Pussybow Blouse - Burberry Prorsum, Panama Bowler - Christys, Double Band Ring - ASOS, Wedges - Lanvin.

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  1. Love everything you picked! That would be an amazing outfit x