Sunday, 23 September 2012

Top 5 // Footwear

What else to do on a miserable Sunday than sort through my shoe collection... Now I am a bit shoe obsessed and at last count I had around 80 pairs. So I thought I would choose my Top 5. They aren't necessarily my favourites but they are the ones that I get the most wear out of. Apologies that they aren't all gleaming new outta the box, but at least you can tell they are well loved! ;)

1 - I got these boots from Topshop around 2 years ago, they were £130.00 and I almost had a mini heart attack buying them! Luckily, I have more than got my moneys worth as I wear them all the time. They are ridiculously comfortable so I always find myself putting them on for a night out.

2 - These are also from Topshop, I think they were around £80.00. I LOVE these, any shoe/boot in a nude colour is perfect because you can wear them with everything. I am more of an ankle boot/chunky heel kinda girl when it comes to nights out as opposed to strappy sandals and these make it easy to wear with any outfit.

3 - I got these for Christmas last year, they are from Office and I think they were around £80.00. I love how they look now that they have been beaten up a bit and the small block heel means they are easy to wear all day without hurting.

4 - These beauties have just been taken out of the box. They are also from Office and they were £65.00. I saw them in store, walked away and could notget them out of my head... So I went back the next day and got them! I have the perfect outfit to wear them with and will be sure to take pictures to post on here as soon as I do!

5 - Now these poor battered old things. Probably my best buy of the year, I had been searching for trainers like these for a while but didn't want to pay too much as I wasn't sure how much I would wear them. So, I had a little look on Ebay and there they were, waiting for me. I ended up getting them for £7.00! Absolute bargain. They had barely been worn when they got sent to me and now as you can see they have been worn to death. I think wearing them to Brighton Gay Pride might have been the cause of most of the damage!

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